Imaging & Printing Division

Every organization in today's world needs to print and scan documents at some time or the other. To address this basic institutional requirement, we have a strong and well-established and experienced Imaging and Printing Division. Ably equipped with pre-sales Product specialists, this division has always been in the forefront of Imaging and Printing technology solutions, offering the latest and most effective solutions to customers.

To ensure that we cover the varied printing and imaging requirements, we have partnered with world leading OEM's

We not only cater to your demanding needs of Scanning and Printing solutions, but also can assess advice and help deploy solutions in the areas of:

Managed printing Solutions (MPS): Customer owned or managed 'per page Printing' or 'Click-print-pay' printing solutions.

Document Management Solution (DMS): Complete document management solution including input devices (handheld scanners/full-fledged scanners/barcode scanners) to DMS storage, archival and retrieval solutions, DMS software and infrastructure solution and managed services to deploy and manage DMS solution.

Our Imaging & Printing Products portfolio includes:

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